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I acknowledge that I am not in any way intelligent enough to design society. That is all. I think understood personal inability is what all statists, ancaps, and minarchists lack.

I know that human interaction does not require forced mandate, and I know that I am not capable of designing society. I also have no interest in designing society.

How does acknowledging my human limitations discredit me more than those who claim understanding and intelligence that they clearly do not possess?

I am an anarchist. I do not believe a state is required for humans to function. It is not up to me to -design- a system that makes anyone happy. Society will form, as it always has, one way or another.

Further. Burn what down? The monstrous states that kill and destroy innocent lives daily? The monstrous states that steal from all? The states that demand you behave in private, as they see fit?

Yes, I would see that burn, with a vengeance.

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