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Comment: The Nung below mentioned Lincoln

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The Nung below mentioned Lincoln

It was during and after the Civil War that our country changed, the Constitution was changed and tyranny started to creep into the realm of reality. Go to and start to learn when all of this started. It started way before Wilson. There is a chapter in every state, type: therepublicfor(yourstatehere).org.

When the Civil War broke out, the dejure Congress adjourned with no date to be reseated. After the War and during the reconstruction, a new defacto Congress was put in its place without the permission of the American People. The District of Columbia was established, as a corporation, a new Constitution, similar to the original, was put in place as the Constitution of the U.S. Corporation, the 13th amendment changed in order to make all Americans "Citizens" of the Corporation.

Go to the site and research it, if you have not already, and learn of the real sedition that was done by our government then.