Comment: I didn't know Rand was associated with Kokesh.

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I didn't know Rand was associated with Kokesh.

As far as the rest of your diatribe all you have done is show your complete ignorance of the plant and your misunderstanding of the word "integrity" and your own lack of it.

Marijuana is not morally, ethically nor Scripturally wrong. The only arguable physical health effect is the fact that "smoking" anything is not "good" for you. That is why many eat, drink or vaporize it instead. The mental effects only last until it wears off and it has no long lasting repercussions. Most people I know who use marijuana excel in their professions and are highly recognized by their employers. Lethargy and ineptitude are more common among their alcoholic peers who are just or more so inclined to be tobacco smokers.

People are people and some are lazy, immoral, stupid, or whatever and others are not. Using marijuana is not shown to have any meaningful determination on or of those shortcomings.