Comment: Why the F do you think?

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Why the F do you think?

Most likely because he USED MUSHROOMS and believed that what he put in his body was his own business. Could just as well have been weed, Adam is pretty open about his enjoyment there.

Anyone who goes down this road knows that it's never wise (if you want to stay out of trouble) to do two illegal things at the same time. The probability of your apprehension goes up.....more than double! I'm sure Adam knew this and didn't care - it's an act of civil disobedience and he almost undoubtedly knew what the consequences of his act at 'Freedom' Square might be.

It's not about staying out of the klink for him - its about challenging the constitutionality of the laws making these acts illegal.

I wish him well. At this point with this government, loss of life is not out of the question here. Just like Manning and Snowden.