Comment: Dictators take silence as consent

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Dictators take silence as consent

The rest of the real world understands that in that situation silence was exactly the opposite and a refusal not a consent.

Every word or signature can and will be used against you but in kangaroo court it dont matter what you say or dont say they send you off to the corporate work prison to work as a endentured slave.

Enlightened Disengagement is my weapon of choice. The enlightened part means to try to stay free so that you can continue the resistance.

Prisons are easy to fund when Rothschild and zionist gang with their Federal Reserve Corporation, creates the money as compounding national debt out of thin air. They get a double bump. Create more counterfeit fiat debt money to make more prisons to lock down, torture, and kill those who want to be free and not cowardly debt slaves.

At some point enough of us have to awaken and resist.