Comment: Liberty movement losing credibility - check

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Liberty movement losing credibility - check

And DPers wonder why more people will not join the liberty movement openly.

To all you high fiving, ass slapping for these punks - have you ever been near a gang - or ever known a member. I am guessing not(or perhaps are punk ass members yourselves). Yeh - go cheer for a bunch of thugs putting innocent people in danger.

You do realize these same gangs are the ones violating the freedoms and liberties of any and all people they can run over(figuratively speaking).

Isn't this the same group that keeps screaming "you cant do that without probable cause" for every cop video. From the video I watched -there is not only cause - but actual crime being committed.
Cop should have ran into the bike in order to protect MY liberties as a law abiding citizen that may have been driving on the same highway.