Comment: Love is louder to those who listen with their heart

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Love is louder to those who listen with their heart

At the museum I volunteer as a docent, a victorian mansion, we have a living exhibition of a loom built by the Fins over a hundred years ago, of red wood, where our weavers society comes and makes rag rugs.

The beat of the loom in action is like a heart beat, so the whole house comes alive.. it is an amazing and wonderful sound. When I first heard it, my soul filled, and I was nearly brought to tears of joy. It felt like a homecomming.

I have thought that way back when wooden houses and looms and spinning wheels occupied rooms, kitchens had no electricity and water was pumped and brought in.. coming home, or "Home is where the heart is", really had profound meaning because that loom, was the heart of the house, as it's beats relaxed the family.

There was always something that needed to be done.. gathering wood, tending the fire for heat and or cooking, fetching water, weaving, spinning, mending, washing, and these works were labors of love. Love for home and love of family. The family worked together and they developed a bond, not co-dependent, but each member had a job to do and they wanted to do it because it made them part of the home.

So when I saw your topic thread, "LOVE IS LOUDER".. I thought, "Yes it is, especially for those who WORK because WROK is a labor of LOVE, sharing, nurturing, caring, giving, doing more than what is expected, and lifting the spirit.

LOVE is a heart beat away. Even if it's 12 hours on a dreamliner to Japan. My father LOVED Japan. He LOVED tea ceremony and the tradition of respect, the Samurai, the wooden houses and shoji, the fish flags, the people.. he saw Japan before the atomic bomb, and he went many times after, witnessing the post apocolytic development, which I think frightened many people. The people who do not LOVE. The Japanese frightened those who do not have heart and soul. Japanese, my father told me, do not talk about love, but act on it.

To this day, my shoes remain outside. It was how I was raised. Many things about my place are very Japanese.

So.. I hope you take pictures, and I hope you are artistically inspired, and that you make good business. If you see a sunrise, could you take a moment to put your hand over your heart and tell Japan, "Granger LOVES you!"

I'm going to have a Bento lunch to celebrate your happy journey to the the Islands of the rising sun.