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A NeoCOM and Marxist are

the same thing. First off, they are not neo-conservative, that's a misdirection, they are neo-communist, there's nothing conservative about them. Trotsky, aka Bronstein was tutored in Marxist ideology from Marx, aka Levi, himself. They were the best of friends, but it was Trotsky who was the major mastermind in the Bolshevik Revolution, aka Talmudic Jewish Revolution. Marx was tutored by his rabbi uncles in the Talmud, and this is where he dirived his theories in the Communist Manifesto. Here, is some brief exposures of the Talmud, by Rev Ted Pike, who obtained the information from the Talmud out of the Library of Congress.

Levin, is a Zionist, who plays as a Costitutionalist, but really uses what I call 'selective constitutionalism', where he uses it only to support his desires. He supports the 'war on terror', the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the DHS, drones etc, all needed to lay down the hammer in a Troskyite styled Totalitarian Corporatist Government. The only reason he goes against some of these at the moment is to play the charade of the left vs right, divisionist game.
Don't be fooled by his Liberty charade, he is really similar to Beck, he play the 'bait and switch' game. I have been listening closely of late, just to find out his game, and if you pay attention, he is very smooth in the 'bait and switch' game. A Zionist, Marxist, Neocom, Leftist, Communist, Socialist, what ever you want to call them all have the same agenda, just different misdirections for reaching the agendas, don't be fooled!