Comment: 1 is consumed, any left?

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1 is consumed, any left?

What is left over, after the criminals gorge upon their ready supply of victims?

It is way past time to begin thinking in terms of power, and that is not an opinion, so much as it is an accurate angle of view.

If a person thinks in terms of Master/Slave, then there are three obvious, competitive, angles of view from that position.

Look from the view of the Master plotting to overpower, consume, the slaves.

Look from the view of the Slave working to avoid being consumed by the Master.

Look from the view of neither Master or Slave and merely understand how the relationship works in real time.

Which is the powerless, and which is the powerful angle of view?

Which is the monopoly, non-competitive, consuming, destructive, powerless, dictatorial, subjective, viewpoint?

Which is the liberating, competitive, producing, productive, powerful, creative, adaptive, viewpoint?

When stuck in the Master/Slave dialectic there are only a few possible things to do, a list of things, from 3 categories.


All 3 modes of conduct are dictated upon the subject within the Master/Slave dialectic, or Monopoly, and there is no escape from it, since it consumes everyone, eventually.

All 3 modes of conduct are exactly the same things done by everyone who volunteers, or is forced into, a life of crime.

It is crime.

In one word, it is crime.

Since the victims have figured out a way to get out of the subjective loop of dictatorial Master/Slave associations, there is another word required to add to the word crime, so as to explain how the criminals are then able to regain control of their Master/Slave dialectic, and recreate crime where there is Liberty.

Liberty exists.

Then there are criminals that create crime, or create Master/Slave Monopolies, whereby competition is then eliminated, and everyone is consuming everyone else, in crime.

Then the former slaves adapt, produce, and create defense against crime, in many competitive forms, and thereby the pay rate of criminals reduces to zero, and crime no longer pays, so there is then a return, or "revolution" back to Liberty.

Liberty (Natural order of mankind)

Crime (Un-natural disorder of mankind)

Revolution, so called (the fact that the word "revolution" is misleading is incuplatory evidence proving the fact of crime), returns a State of Crime back to a condition of Liberty.

Criminals retake control over their targeted victims.

What is 4?

4 is Legal Crime.

Now what?

Another "Revolution," so called?

The answer is no.

The word revolution, itself, is a false front. The natural state of mankind is peace and harmony, so a return to peace and harmony, where crime no longer pays so well, is not a revolution, it is, in fact, a counter to the invention, production, and maintenance of organized crime, or Legal Crime.

So how does human kind return back to Liberty when at this point so much of the total power produced by the honest producers has been stolen by the organized criminals, or Legal Criminals?

One individual honest producer at a time is being consumed by the organized criminals, or Legal Criminals, one way, or the other way, until there will no longer be an honest producer to turn, incorporate into the Master/Slave Dialectic, or warehouse, or torture, or murder.

One more is too many.

One more loss of one more innocent, honest, producer, is one more source of productive POWER that will be rendered incapable to respond, unable to respond, to the inevitable conditions of abject poverty, complete scarcity, that ensues on this Master/Slave path, whereby the LAW of Diminishing Returns sets in.

One more honest producer who can produce one more calorie of honest, nutritious, food, for equitable trade, is one more source of that necessary POWER LOST, when one more honest producer is consumed by the Legal Criminals running their Fraud and Extortion Racket that they call "government," and whereby the victims parrot that lie.

If one more is gone, is there another to take the place of that LOST POWER?

One more competitive, thinking, adaptive, creative, honest, producer of POWER gone.

Is there anyone to replace that one?

If not, then the human species is on the cannibalistic path.

The LAW of Diminishing returns sets in, and human beings are no different than RATS.

How many slaves are left?

If the slave can't produce anything worth stealing, then it is not a slave, it is a cost.

It is how they think.

It is a consumable.

It was once a human being.

It is replaced by another thing to be used up, consumed, for those who control it.

What happens when there are no more individual slaves to be consumed by the criminals?

One at a time, each one in turn, falls prey to the criminals, as if a conveyor belt is built, by orders from the criminals, and the obedient slaves build the conveyor built in good working order.

Each new innocent, honest, inventive, adaptive, producer is then placed on the conveyor belt, each one in turn, and each one is consumed in that cannibalistic inhuman hell on earth.

One at a time, each in turn, having never, ever, imagined any other fate by any one.



Legal Crime

Actually there are competitive solutions.

Here is one, and when I return I can elaborate on how this one could work in this case.