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Comment: Now that we're Speaking Technically :)

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Now that we're Speaking Technically :)

I prefer to focus on reality. America should stay out of this fools game; it should not be our problem. We can keep letting the war-mongers drag us into wars and debt, or we can speak up in an effort to free ourselves from destruction and burdens.

Please take a look and share will friends if you like:

We have enough of our own issues to deal with here in America. Let's focus on those and use our resources to solve them.
The websites listed above are presented to you by very respectable people, and offer a wealth of factual information. Please do your own research, if you wish.
The more people there are that know the truth, the easier it will be for them to make a sensible decision on the matter. These websites are having a great impact on the lobbyists(mostly AIPAC) ability to bribe corrupt politicians in our government. Posting and sharing on all social media is an excellent way to spread this truth--thank you!