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Because he does DUMB things

And he says DUMB things.. because so many of us work hard to change laws, get people elected, seated.. we donate until we're broke.. and then Kokesh gives our enemies something we spend more time doing damage control than advancing our FREEDOM agenda... Tea Party is knocking Rand (promoting Ted Cruz, thanks Adam!).

We should be advancing right now.. getting decriminalization (and legalization for the liberals among us that want enslavement to the state).. instead.. the smokers are lighting up to get f'd up, while the rest of us are doing damage control..

And yeah.. you are right.. because many of us older folks have lived our entire lives with a drug war we want ended. So the older folks are now busy defending Rand from the actions of Adam which our enemies LOVE.. while the younger among us, are too busy looking for their next high, waiting for us to advance a FREEOM agenda without them.