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First off, there is nothing

First off, there is nothing in anarchism that says people can't form a collective. It's just about being voluntary. With that understanding, anarchism would work because the people who voluntarily have a mutual collective to protect their local liberties (what is also known as a militia) would be much greater in number than some criminal band that goes around trying to rape and pillage. The case against anarchism assumes that every individual would just become some violent isolationist and that people no longer cooperate in any fashion. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

There are more good than bad. If there wasn't we would truly not have any sort of society. Society already regulates itself, and not out of fear of police or military. It's because normal people want to live a good life and create a good world for their heirs to inherit. Normal people don't go around speeding like idiots because they are logical and don't want to get in an accident and potentially harm other people.

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