Comment: Dear Snowjob NWO UN operative

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Dear Snowjob NWO UN operative

PRIVACY is an IMPORTANT, if not the MOST important, aspect of SELF DEFENSE.

You assume Americans don't KNOW what the Patriot I & II did?

The BIG secret is that the USA, since Truman and his Un-American UN, designed to end American SOVREIGNITY, and entangle us in global endless wars, is what is destroying our constitution and replacing it with precidents for a global government. YOU are just a cog UN MSM has lifted up in a, "Where's Snowjob", campaign, to install FEAR and HATE to our government. It's not a perfect government, but it sure beats the governments of the UN suckers you are running to for "asylum", communists and dictators.

Why run Snowjob? You didn't murder anyone. You didn't steal money. Thank you for admitting what many of us suspected about you from the beginning. You're nothing but a UN globalist. "Nation of laws." LOL! Look no further than Palestine to see what good the UN nation of laws is.

Adios and good riddance.