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So you choose to make a childish attack instead

of using a counterpoint to my argument. Ok. Instead of a fast ball, I will now take out a softball and lob it so you may take a swing at it.

So I am driving down the highway going to work and a group(looks like at least 50 - probably more) bikes runs up on me in my truck. They are driving like complete assholes, weaving out of traffic and harassing me.

This is not hurting me? This is not violating my right to peacefully drive down a public road, free of harassment and with an expectation of safety?
Do their actions allow me to make an inference based upon the complete lack of safety and prudence they are showing?

Could I reasonably believe my safety was in danger and just run one over? If I bike was slowing down in front of me, could I reasonably assume the objective of the biker was to stop my vehicle in order to do me harm. Do I not have a right to then do whatever is necessary to maintain my speed to protect my safety?

You see, part of an officer legitimate job it prevent the kind of escalation.