Comment: You have no right to not be

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You have no right to not be

You have no right to not be bothered. It's your decision how you react to things. This is like the argument people make for drugs being illegal. "Well, they could die from doing drugs and then their loved ones could commit suicide from the emo pain they experience from the drug-user's death." The person who would commit suicide from such a stupid thing obviously only reacts by emotion instead of logic, and still, it would be their own decision on how to react. Your arguments are nothing but "what ifs." Learn to ignore the immature, or people like me will just end up calling you immature, because you're acting like it.

Here is how life works. If that person on the bike loses control from horsing around and causes you or your property harm, then that's when your liberty has been taken. You can't go around taking the free will of people just because it could be dangerous, nor does the government have the right to act on the majority's behalf to do such things.

Childish attack? How about the next time some biker does something like you describe, you use your truck to stop them from doing so, and when you're taken to court for legitimate criminal charges, you can explain to them how your actions weren't childish because someone did something to you that actually caused you zero harm.

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