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Comment: "Your connection has been

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"Your connection has been

"Your connection has been blocked" ... I use TOR. Don't administrators realize that banning IP addresses is basically useless? LoL

I've been seeing this aforementioned message more and more frequently which is one reason why my usage of the InterNet is minimal now and rapidly reaching the point of termination on a personal basis. The latter process is taking a bit longer than initially planned, but I'm getting there. ;)

Creating a local radio network is VITAL for continuance of our message for restoring constitutional liberty. A local radio network can be used to further the aspirations of political activists and respond to attacks from the general media and political opponents. Personally, I could create a fairly extensive local radio network consisting of a maximum of 5 unlicensed low-power transmitters operating on the same frequency in my area. This network could easily reach more than 10,000 to 15,000 people potentially.

I might be willing to rebroadcast some of the programs locally if licensing allows ...