Comment: I feel like Rand is

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I feel like Rand is

I feel like Rand is constantly playing a political game. I remember Rand giving speeches prior to getting directly involved in running for political office; specifically speeches when Ron ran for the 2008 Presidential election and Rand expressed ideas and principles that were basically identical to his father's. I feel like he decided at some point that someone with those ideas and principles needs to win a presidential election. I think the only way he saw that happening was to play a political game, unlike the unfiltered message Ron uses when he speaks. I think Rand's goal is to be elected president, and then use his position to fully spread the message. I get the feeling that Rand doesn't believe that marijuana "lowers IQ," and reduces ambition, but says this as a tactic to make his position more palatable to voters. It reminds me of the politician in Larken Rose's book The Iron Web, who once elected president reveals his true intentions in an epic address to the public. Of course I could just be overly optimistic about this and Rand could really believe some of the nonsense he says sometimes.