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Comment: while you might have read the 4th

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while you might have read the 4th

You cannot claim i have not
what you constantly argue here is the color of law
the reality of it all is this,there is no law in america
it is opinion,it is statutes,ordinances and codes
these are not laws as you state they are
it is so funny to see you can't chat with me directly,but do in fact
talk behind my back (what a man)
what i have always said was,the laws are turned on their heads
the judges,cops and attorneys use precedence in court,not actual law.
as there are no laws,everyone has an opinion,but if it is not based in fact
then it is fraud
but do go back to my last comment to you,and you will see why i gave you
2 bogus websites
i highly doubt you are in fact a lawyer,at least a lawyer can read and understand plain english,you not so much
all you do is troll,twist words and whole phrases,and when called out about it,just dismiss and or project your own inadequacies and short comings
onto others,but no,it does not work,not with me anyways
but do ask yourself this question,why do the judges say,one cannot use the const as a defense in court?
why do they also state that if the const is mentioned,the one who mentioned it will be held in contempt?
yeah it is what it is,and it is not supposed to be ran that way

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