Comment: They dont want to call him a

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They dont want to call him a

They dont want to call him a whistleblower because they dont want to afford him the rights of a whistleblower, and make themselves criminals under THEIR OWN "laws", in the actions they take to persecute Mr Snowden, even though Mr Snowdon and everysingle American is protected by something far more powerfull then the corruption of laws they have today, founding fathers, whooops sorry, constitution, although i like that word, founding fathers, has a nice ring to it, founding fathers, wonder if theres anyone in particular that might "love" the word founding fathers even more..........founding fathers!*

Oh, i found one, these guys, these guys

by the way oceanoz, i assume that you we're making reference to the first part of my response, not trying to imply you hadnt, just expanding that written thought of yours, if you please :), i suspect many share it, if im not being presumptious, assuming again im correct in my assumption