Comment: YESSSS - the cold war is coming back

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YESSSS - the cold war is coming back

I personally am busting out my Rocky IV dvd tonight.

NOW the Olympics will be worth watching again.
"Do you believe in miracles?"

Ahhh - what's next - is the rubix cube coming back, Q-bert anybody?
Come on - tell me hair bands are coming back(and don't forget to bring the groupies!!!)

US vs THEM - red vs red white and blue.

Sorry people - I grew up in the 80's - this is just bringing me back to my youth.

But seriously -this will not silence anything - he just hands it all over(which he probably already has)to the Guardian. It just says HE cant do the talking - doesn't mean others cant talk for him.

He did his part - now it is for others to take the baton and run.