Comment: This is Year 1 in my Calendar:

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This is Year 1 in my Calendar:

Or rather, year 1 of my calendar.

It is August 7th by my timing (13 28-day months starting the day after the Winter Solstice; which is a non-day).

8/7/1 - or 8/7/2013 -

Either way, the important thing is getting back to natural cycles. The Sun, the Moon. This is how we grow food, by seasons, the lunar cycle helps with menstration, tides, and dividing the year evenly into months and weeks.

Weeks help with enabling us to work and be productive yet regular give ourselves a free day to do nothing but thank God.

So, that is why I named the 13th Month Jaktober, because I believe that my use of these concepts is the most well thought-out and the most easily implimented of all the 13 month concepts. All the other Solar/Lunar calendars.

I don't like the name "Sol" for the 13th month, and no one I have talked to has. They all like Jaktober though.

Jack Wagner