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For your information ....

.... I am fortunately not "sitting behind" my "computer in" my "mothers basement". I am actually a banking professional in his mid-30s (with a wife, child, and, yes, a house of his own) who calls illogical arguments and BS when he sees it. Your assumption otherwise illustrates your narrow-mindedness when viewing a topic. Furthermore, claiming that you have "MORE justification" for criticizing Kokesh does not simply make it so. He is an individual who makes his own choices. If you think he should have done something differently then, by all means, get out there and recreate his situation/history and do things how you deem appropriate.

Note: I too am against the war on drugs but do not condone drug use. Your superfluous use of capitalization and exclamation points seems to indicate that I may think otherwise. Additionally, for the record, I never said anything about you having to agree with drug use to be against the war on drugs. You seem to draw illogical conclusions from other's statements - which can effectively neutralize your argument in a debate.

All in all, Kokesh's drug charge should have no adverse effect on anyone's 2nd Amendment rights. These are not connected. It sounds as if you are merely disappointed that Adam did not handle the situation as you would have preferred. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world - as is evidenced by the current state of affairs. Personally, I feel it would have been best if Kokesh and his roommate were hosting a Bible study group and singing gospel hymns with children from the local adoption shelter at the time the amateur commandos flash-bombed the house. However, this is not what took place. Directing anger, disrespect, and criticism toward an avid member of the liberty movement is, as previously stated, ill-advised.

Finally, I too am from Texas, am licensed with a CHL, and have a variety of guns with which I am proficient. This is stated so you don't happen to presume you are conversing with a "libtard". [For your future benefit, I would like to offer a bit of advice. Work on your grammar, logic, and debating skills. It will help you out tremendously when engaging others in the future.]