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Matter of fact, I ws thinking of Bob Woodward when I posted.

President Truman is who established the UN in CA.. so, the makings for a global government have been in the works for a long time, and the MSM has always played a part, yet, I don't believe things were so clear.. there is always an Us vs them vs they vs him (scapegoat) and the red herring and the straw man..

I have been thinking for some time that Kissinger (who told Nixon, "Let the Israelis bleed", and "US Troops are just grunts, forget them)... was instrumental in the "beginning of the end", and an insider who was prone to "work with any enemy in the name of peace", to achieve the goal of a NWO.

For all that is written that tells us about how evil Kissinger is,, it never has anything to do with a quest for a global government.. just what bad (good) things he did to those that dependend (appreciated) on him.

I have NO doubt that Kissinger set Nixon up for the downfall when Nixon helped Israel.

I would not be surprized if Snowjob came from Hilary ClintonCo (though like Kissinger, we will never know the whole truth on Snowden or Kissinger) or those who speak much ado about laws but rise above them anyways, seeing who is involved and what they are saying and not saying, who friends are, what they say, and what they don't say. She is no fan of Obama (who was set up to be the face that gets slapped). The GOP really hasn't any teeth in power (one reason Rand is on TV so much.. finally someone says something, that isn't Bushco/Rove.. )

Kissinger should have been arrested (as I suggest Greeewald).. After what happened to Woodward and Bernstein (there always needs to be a wotz or stein in the UN hate machine)..

Wppdward not only remians free, associate editor of the Wash Post, and the main reporter on 911.