Comment: Not to beat a Pale White Horse; but...

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Not to beat a Pale White Horse; but...

We know that the way of oppression doesn't work. It will always eventually be rejected or fall under its own weight (which is simply it being rejected by nature itself).

We know that Freedom, Liberty or to put it in religious context, the Kingdom of God, is the only true government.

The only question is where in the cycles of human events are we, what is each of our own moral responsibility within our specific lives, and how do we best help each other through it.

In my opinion, in our particular context, it is a question of how long the majority of the "ruling class" maintains the belief that the Empire works, that authoritarianism works.

As an exersize I propose assuming that despite their methods being immoral, the ruling elite, the Bilderbergs and Bohiemians, are doing so in a genuine attempt to best guide the world. Perhaps they have a lack of faith in humanity; which would stem from a lack of faith in God, and the way of the Tao, and the Art of War. They have lost patience. They do not embrace Love. So they make decisions based on immediate results with little compassion of mankind, or perhaps, a belief that in their positions they must let go of valuing each individual, and holding themselves before God in all moments of their Day, even if that means losing money or position.

I believe that because of free people, like those found on this forum, that our government is held to natural forces. I believe that is only through moral reform, or a "spiritual revolution" that we will finally be able to use our work within the sciences and industries to truly have a free society.

Our only challenge is to forgive others and forgive ourselves and truly thank God for our lives and being willing to live off the land itself, which is his land, his Kingdom, and his love.

Or, is it HER love..? Ahhhhh...

(Family Guy homage).

Jack Wagner