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Comment: Did I not clarify my position?

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Did I not clarify my position?

And if you want to label me a "Garry Johnson libertarian nationalist", so be it.

Why? Because I'd be for a Constitutional Amendment "legalizing / de-criminalizing" cannabis? That's what we did to repeal Alcohol prohibition so that it couldn't happen again.

So you are for State War on Drugs? You are for State governments being able to lock people up for the personal decision to use cannabis? Apparently, you are. Is it not a natural right?

And... As for your nit-picking of the language, specifically the term "legalization", let me tell you something abut the term you prefer; ""de-criminalization".

Many states, including CT, have already "de-criminalized" possession of smaller amounts of marijuana... And guess what?... It's still a VIOLATION, technically! You still get TICKETED! The STATE still controls it. By the way, cops still constantly arrest kids for possession of small amounts, despite the law, don't ask me how but I read about it daily. Apparently "de-criminalizing", isn't good enough. And when you look at it, there's no operative difference between the two terms. The only thing that matters is the wording of the law or laws that need to be passed to DE-REGULATE cannabis.

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