Comment: This is an excellent resource

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This is an excellent resource

I enjoy picking off disinfo agents and paid shills, such as the former Liberty_First.

They hate having the spotlight shined on them. I first noticed this when I was trying to promote Ron Paul on MSNBC last primary, and saw patterns on a poster named "Choral Taxi" who peppered every Ron Paul article with 'anti-semite', 'bigot', 'racist', 'too old', 'kook', etc.

Liberty_First and a couple of its companions must have been working off your document, because they used almost every example in there. After I figured out Choral Taxi I knew what Liberty_First was.

Some things I look for:
-most agents have a piss poor command of the English language
-they use awkward or archaic words (this is key, since translating software is imperfect)
-they will have spelling errors that the spellcheck won't pick up on easy words an 8 year old could spell (ie there/their it's/its history/his story your/you're) The error will be consistent in the post.
-they will have bizarre grammatical errors that would be correct in another language that are unlikely yet consistent
-they want to flood the topic concerning their agenda and try to respond to every post so that it seems the argument is evenly split when aside from the agent(s) there is a clear consensus