Comment: Its amazing how insane all

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Its amazing how insane all

Its amazing how insane all this is and under any other circumstances would be unacceptable unless it is by our gov.


Wild west days- "I know Jed was wanted dead or alive so I killed him for you and want my reward... no I dont have a body I dumped it in the river... no i dont have any pictures either his friends would see it and be pissed off... well i have a journal my partner wrote about the event you can look at... yeah he died yesterday in a horse riding accident so he cant verify it is valid but you can take my word for it..."

Court case agaisnt neighbor- "Well i knew Frank's dog shit on my lawn so I walked over and confronted him about it... Thats right he admitted to it and was going to sign a statement that he would keep his dog in his yard.. Yeah I ended up putting a couple of bullets in him but its because he lunged at me with his knife... well ok he doesnt have a knife but he was in a boxing league in college so his hands are deadly weapons... I am not sure exactly how he got double tapped in the back of the head but I can assure you it was self defense..."

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.