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We don't know what Greenwald has,

but I think he's smart enough to release them in a particular order and in a timely fashion, while at the same time researching them thoroughly.

But your other point...the people are "deaf". No, the are NOT deaf! But, there is a cacophony of MSM and Hollywood propaganda blaring around us that makes the ears bleed. The pertinent facts of the Snowden leaks don't get any coverage from the MSM. They primarily cover the "tabloid" side of the story, turning him into a Kardashian kind of character, all the while, turning a blind eye to the meat of the issue.

So, did Snowden reveal anything monumental? YES! There were a few relatively well informed people who thought they knew that we now have no privacy post-Patriot Act (although, most of us didn't know the extent of the snooping). But those discussions were looked upon by the common person on the street as "conspiracy theory". Now, the common citizen knows the truth.

Now, if a whistleblower reveals the "big truth" about 9/11, with unequivocal documentation to back it up, are we going to say that "he/she didn't reveal anything that we didn't already know?"--just because we (a few well informed seekers of truth) already thought we knew the truth about it?

What Snowden has revealed has changed the conversation on the street. MANY are waking up and are much more willing to listen to and engage in other pertinent liberty discussions. And now, hopefully, some of them will continue their quest for truth, by reading, watching videos, visiting liberty web sites, digging deeper.