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Comment: why do I care

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why do I care

my words have been twisted,and to mean something
i did not say
the commenter stated they have the RIGHT to exist
no where does it say the RIGHT to exist
and we do intervene,and my point was,if they didn't want them handouts,then they should give it all back
the commenter made the statement,that the downvoters
are muslim people and not part of the DP,but infact are disinfo agents,then gets the term wrong? was it error,or was it on purpose? i say on purpose at this point.
and the reason i say this is because,i have not been corrected,nor even a comment back
i do not care to intervene,but as an american,at this point,i have no choice
my name is added to fund others and not from home,my taxes are used to prop up all manner of war,ones which i do not advocate
why do i care so much? the granger says the israelis create goods we can buy,we can buy them back,and this is after we have already paid for that
now,why do you care so much,as to question my comment,which was not even to you? but was for clarification on the comment mentioned

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