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State governments were not strong either...

State laws did not exist the way that they do today. Law was generally confined to the NAP. Very few exceptions existed outside of that other than local ordinances which as we discussed is perfectly valid under anarchism.

And no, there is not one real definition for it. Visit the link I sent.

And no, I did not say anything of the kind about a Nazi police state. People were not free to choose under the Nazi regime, or are we going to ignore the concentration camps?

My point was, that we don't need to see an absolute to know the value of something if we have incremental examples. We have numerous anarchism incremental examples that prove it is a valuable system. And numerous incremental fascist examples to know that they are horrible systems.

By your absolutist reasoning, we cannot say that we know fascism is bad because we have never had a pure implementation of it. And the same can be said for every form of government to have ever existed. There has never been a pure example of anything.

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