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Round and round and round she goes.

The victors of World War 2 created the United Nations. The Headquarters of the United Nations is physically located in New York City. I've been inside personally listening to people yammering in 80 languages.

The United Nations is the cloak of legitimacy which shrouds the US/Anglo Empire and its NATO Feodorati mercenaries. In fact, the imperial federal government can bypass inconvenient republican systems in favor of gaining imperial sanction through the UN to conduct all manner of non-war military operations. We have not had a declared war of the republic since December 7th, 1941. Everything since has been some type of imperial action, forwarded by the UN. UN weapons inspectors and foreign puppets are often the same people (ie. mohammed el baradei).

We the People (the electorate of the USA) have no control over the United Nations. It is an elite tool. The empire serves the elite class and destroys the lives and prosperity of the average elector of the republic. The UN is an American elite tool. New York City has always been the secret center of elite power, going back hundreds of years. It does not serve the people or the republic, yet its root is here in the USA.

This pattern has repeated through the ages. As Gaius Julius Caesar once remarked, "Look back through time and see all the empires that rose and fell and you can see the future too".

First, there is a monarchy. The monarch is overthrown and a republic is founded. Rome went from kingdom to republic, just like America.

Finally, the republic grows into an empire. It happened to Rome and it happened to America. Finally, the empire collapses. Perhaps it adopts theocratic tendencies along the way. The culture and possibly bastardized forms of the language continue for ages.

When you look upon the typical movie Roman soldier (who would be from the first century AD), it is a moment trapped in time. Imagine in two thousand years from now, people are enjoying a period piece about the ancient US empire. All the troops always look like WW2 GIs. Even in the Revolution, Civil War, Vietnam, Middle Eastern Wars, etc. The WW2 GI is the enduring image of the US soldier for the ages.