Comment: This is GREAT news

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This is GREAT news

This is really good news on a number of levels

First: Rand Paul is mentioned several times in a good way.

Second: Perry is sounding like a modifoed Ron Paul, which means we are wining.. Ron Paul was a messanger and Perry heard that message, got it, and is repeating it.

"Noting that America’s founders, including George Washington and Thomas Paine, warned against military intervention abroad unless the U.S. is directly attacked, Mr. Perry said, “How we intervene is crucial.”

“Having a president who has not served in the military and does not understand the burden of sending our treasure — our young men and women — into battle is wrong,” he said. “Afghanistan is a good example of how we can learn from history but have not. From Alexander the Great to the British Empire to the Soviets, the people of Afghanistan remained the same. Why we thought we would have a different outcome using our treasure and resources, I will never understand.”

Third: This is a BIG deal to the GOP and Perry does deserve credit

Texas has no personal income tax or limits on legal claims on corporations, and Mr. Perry has earned credit for making Texas the premier raider of other states’ and countries’ top businesses.

His personal ability to attract corporate CEOs may be Mr. Perry’s biggest asset in arguing that he is ready to take the helm of the U.S. economy as president.

Forth: If you understand that Israel is a SOVREIGN STATE that is globally THRIVING in business, technology, engeneering, medicine, agriculture, development in cultural micro communities that specialize in business ventures.. and this includes defense.. then this is very good for the debates because we're looking at a conversation very different than in 08/12.. with Rand, Cruz and Perry.. there will be a move away from the UN NWO and more to sovreign states specializing in business, not government jobs replacing business.

Finally: This is important and will attract Democrats and Indys, and it is true "“It’s not just low taxes and business-friendly regulations,” he said, noting that “30 percent of all jobs created in the last decade, in all of America, were created in Texas, which has less than 10 percent of the population.”

Of course those businesses and jobs left CA.. and I'm not thrilled about that, but I am happy to see the GOP wind change to FREEDOM.