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Comment: Let's keep this in perspective.

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Let's keep this in perspective.

Republican primaries 1996:

Bob Dole (44)
Lamar Alexander
Pat Buchanana (4)
Robert Dornan
Steve Forbes! (2)
Phil Gramm
Alan Keyes!
Richard Lugar

Republican primaries 2000:

George W. Bush (43)
Steve Forbes
Orrin Hatch
Alan Keyes (0)
John McCain! (7)

Republican primaries 2008:

John McCain (31)
Mitt Romney! (11)
Mike Huckabee (8)
Ron Paul! (0)
Fred Thompson
Alan Keyes
Duncan Hunter
Rudy Giuliani

Republican primaries 2012:

Mitt Romney (37)
Rick Santorum? (11)
Ron Paul (0)
Newt Gingrich (2)
Rick Perry
Michele Bachmann
Jon Huntsman

Based on recent history, it seems to me that none of the 2012 candidates have any chance at winning (or even making an impact) again except for Santorum and possibly Gingrich. Huckabee was the religious Right choice in 2008 and didn't run again. Santorum was the religious Right choice in 2012. That doesn't seem to be a winning ticket, nor a repeat.

It seems to me Perry is already done and the field is open. But then again I don't know shit about any of this.