Comment: Granger, you are the one that is confused.

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Granger, you are the one that is confused.

Fracking is going on like crazy here because they exhaust a bit more that was easier to get earlier, and then move on to do it again, as the new wells play out pretty fast.

And, I've lived on the Texas Coast for almost 30 years. Until a few years ago I never saw Tankers arrive EMPTY. Now I do. They are not Bringing Crude oil to be refined, that are TAKING our refined product.

If America has become self sufficient in the market place, why am I paying 3.67 for diesel and watching ships carry it out? To where? Israel?

Granger, you are a peach. Come down next time you see a Tropical Depression in the Gulf, if you can surf Texas waves, you can surf anywhere in the world.