Comment: Rand has correct position

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Rand has correct position

I've also seen many studies. While all human brains are different I believe there are several good studies that show the deleterious effects of THC on IQ and motivation in heavy users. The drug subculture also contributes to alienation especially in persons with schizoid tendencies or social anxiety.

I was a heavy smoker in high school and it near ruined my life. My entire class (1978) was so unmotivated and anti-establishment that we are forever known as the worst class in the history of the school. 1978 has some of the highest pot use nationwide as any year on record. Many of my friends went from pot to cocaine and acid and all sorts of more serious drugs. Today I am sure many of them are addicted to pills in one form or another.

So, to me Rand is taking the correct libertarian position. Advocate for healthy lifestyles and personal virtue while at the same time pushing for states rights and non-government remedies. End the drug war but also move to limit the voluntary use of harmful drugs.

This is a mature position that many people like Rand, in mid-life come to as they marry and raise a family. One's perspective changes. One can be cool and realistic simultaneously.

This is also a winning. mainstream point of view.