Comment: This is an excellent video. And an important one too.

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This is an excellent video. And an important one too.

Machinima is the number one video entertainment network for gamers around the world, featuring gameplay videos, trailers, original series, livestreams, and the most up-to-date news for the gamer generation.

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This video, uploaded yesterday, has 53,522 views.

Quotes from the video:

"So all these leaks came from Edward Snowden. If you follow any other news outside of gaming, you may have heard of him. I just found out about this today."

This video could potentially wake quite a few people up to our intrusive government. A lot of gamers don't keep up on current events outside the gamer paradigm. I've been one before, and I still know many. Many in this demographic will be seeing leviathan for the first time thanks to Machinima. At the end of the segment they mention that awareness is a good thing.


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