Comment: I thought it was the PATRIOT ACT

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I thought it was the PATRIOT ACT

that allowed NO WARRANTS, so that the FBI, CIA, etc. could break and enter and search anyone's home and seize anything they wanted with impunity? Don't think Glenn understands that little technicality the Feds hide behind, and THIS MASSIVE SURVEILLANCE of ALL Americans just PROVES that the 4th Amendment was illegally purged, and PROVES why we must have this protection, and furthermore PROVES why our Founding Fathers were 100% right! However, therein lies the conundrum of how it was presented to the public. This so-called perverted "law" was NEVER presented to the public that they were going to spy on the American people, nilly-willy. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know the extent was limitless!

MICHAEL HASTINGS DEATH, a NON-criminal, NON-terrorist, for God's sake, PROVES just how horribly sinister this government has become. And, guess what the CIA or FBI just did? CREMATED his body! Right. No doubt they had filled him full of bullets prior! No doubt they spied on his emails that indicated he was going "under the radar"!

Our government is responsible for this, all the way up to the WHITE HOUSE. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, would have the power to muscle in a local LAPD investigation and order the policemen & firemen to shut up, unless it was the FEDS.....NOBODY! And, with threats flying around all over the place, we have even more proof of control at the White House level, for this kind stuff wouldn't happen, COULDN'T happen without their knowing & approving! The suspect cremation was even ordered by them, for God's sake!

It's all a HUGE cover-up, and not one of the LAPD Chiefs or cops or firemen have the courage to come forward. Unbelievable. Maybe, this massive surveillance is the tip of the iceberg. Maybe, it's about the CONTROL that the FEDS have over local people with their threats. No wonder Sandy Hook files were permanently closed to investigators!

So, Edward Snowden provided us the PROOF we need to put an end to the massive surveillance. And, Michael Hastings death provided us the PROOF of WHY we must put an end to this spying apparatus.