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Could you explain what your statement has to do with my post showing you that TX is producing oil, jobs and you asked where the oil was going and I showed you China.

What does this have to do with my having Children. I do not have biological children, and I do not assume the role of a parent; However, I see ALL people as children, and I don't believe age in years is a good way to judge one's emotional, intellectual or phyical development. Some children appear more advanced thein a parent, especially when that parent has addicitions and unhealthy life choices the nurture, or abuse and neglect their children.

To me, they are children who are trapped, so it's important to love them.. I really believe parents need nurturing to enable them to LOVE their children.

And I take issue with you when you accuse me of not caring about indiviuals. I see people as individuals and RESPECT them, though I do not always agree with their choices.. it is a choice they made.

I tend to talk about myself rather than talk about others because people change.. life does that, so to me, talking about others is sharing my perspective anyways. I believe it's my responsibility to address MY faults, correct MY wrongs, not to blame others, but see where my lesson is, and so, I think, this is the highest way one can care for another, is by respecting their choices, not blaming them, but looking within what I can do to help, to be open and honest.

Individuals have their lives to live and if I can not help them better their life, I can leave them alone to enjoy their life.

Re3cently I made a post about "Should Granger stay or go". Many accused me of being needy for attention, but to me, that was not why I posted that. I really don't feel I need attention. What I felt is that I was not helping the DP community.. I had done my job, and all I was doing was supsetting individuals, and that's not what I want to do. So instead of assuming, I put the question to the community, and learned, while the majority may disagree with me, I am appareciated for offering another perpsective, even when they disagree with that perspective.

So.. with all this said, why would you post that it's obvious that I don't have children? I don't. And if I did, I would not be on DP, but I would dedicate my life to them. Why do you believe that I don't care about individuals?

What does that have to do with TX shipping oil to China?