Comment: Not True - He Said nothing like that.

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Not True - He Said nothing like that.

He did not say anything like that.

He was referring to one specific Obama worshiper gal that was on a Fox Show as the "rebuttal"

Rush is still a Big Fox News supporter and all the people who watch Fox and listen to Rush still think that Fox is 100% right all the time and that Fox is giving them the only news that they care about and that George Bush is the greatest person of all time. (And that Ron Paul is stupid because Fox Says so.)

This is all from one misrepresented article that everyone else is running with. (Now the DP is running with it indirectly)

Rush is having fun with this as it illustrates his point about how the media is not doing its job and getting the facts straight is irrelevant to the media.

Too bad that Rush does not realize that the "incorrect" articles about not watching Fox News are actually the correct course of action for free thinking people.