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Comment: Did you read the comment that reported the study?

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Did you read the comment that reported the study?

I have firmly believed that children and adolescents should not be exposing their brains to any toxins, alcohol or cannabis. Their young brains, according to the study, were the only ones that showed IQ effect. People 18 and above had no problem. It's been around and used, by many segments, of the population, for years. Those, that don't know this, have their heads buried in the sand!

So, continuing the present drug war assures the dealers have direct lines to your kids at school. They can't even keep drugs out of prisons. And, they think they can keep them from kids!?

Controlled regulated access has done well at decreasing smoking by kids. The same thing would,very likely, help keep cannabis out of the hands of children. Illegal drugs cannot be regulated. So, the catch-22 has to be ended and the production and selling of cannabis has to be made legal and regulated. It has been reported kids can get cannabis easier than they can get booze or smokes!

People need to realize the unscientific things coming out will be debunked. But, smoking anything can have adverse affects on the lungs. Cannabis just does it less, in scientific studies, in contrast to the reefer madness comments that went on for years!

Let's legalize and regulate it, to take away the kids' access. LET'S DO IT FOR THE KIDS!!