Comment: The beauty of the Daily Paul

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The beauty of the Daily Paul

First off, watch the language.. it indicates your IQ level... you may want to conceal that a little. I had to turn my sound down because you are cursing up a storm.... real class that's what that is.

Secondly, just because you see a trail doesn't mean something is being sprayed. And just because you don't see a trail doesn't mean something hasn't been sprayed... I live in Florida too and we have a mosquito spray helicopter come over once a month spraying and you can't see anything being sprayed.

Thirdly, you say you live in Florida, and it is abnormal for jets to be flying overhead... take a look at the live radar of jets flying over Florida: It is called commercial passenger traffic. Florida is only about 100 miles wide... I fly small airplanes and I only have to go up 1 mile high about 5,280 feet and I can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, easily on a clear day.... the planes you are showing in your video are at least 6 miles high, over 35,000 feet, so they are visible, from just about anywhere in Florida.

The beauty of Daily Paul is that you get people that don't believe the things that they have been brainwashed to believe... unfortunately, it seems only about 10% though have arrived here because they have higher reasoning ability. The other 90%, also have escaped the brainwashing, but it is only because they have incredible difficulty believing anything told to them, especially if it is mainstream, including science fact, hence you get subjects like "chem trails".... and then the 10% get lumped in as being crazies...


Did you know they are secretly changing the Earth's rotation, so that you won't get enough sleep? Global sleep deprivation... if you notice the overall direction of the jets is the same... all these jets moving in the same general direction, is causing a slight rotation of the planet in the other direction (because the planes are pushing off the air)... this is no accident... the contrails are just a side affect... of being GULLIBLE.