Comment: Because it's ALL you actually give a damn about

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Because it's ALL you actually give a damn about

Cannabis can be for medicine for TERMINALLY ILL. HEMP is for, feed, fiber and fuel. I've been a hemp activist since 1993, and while I admit at one time I did help the medical marijauan crowd.. I frankly don't care too much for them, I find them to be liars and criminals for the most part. There are exceptions,. but for the most part, they're paranoid collectivist cowards and losers.

I am a cancer survivor and I didn't need cannabis.

You have cancer? You have a terminal illness? You being paid to speak for cancer patients or is that a cover for your recreational use?

I bet it never ceases to amaze a collectivst like you that I stand for what I believe on my own two feet rather than stoop to some collectivst pot head to speak for me. Don't need you to speak for me, and neither do cancer patients.

You don't have the guts to face Karl. Go smoke some more pot and get well soon.