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Four elections ago

I was where you are now.. NO WHERE.

Nov 2012 was my first election as a Republican.. that's less than a year ago.

My meeting with Karl was 4 months ago.

I have a LIBERTY committee now and that's something to show for.

I have never voted for Feinstein.. I did vote for Boxer in 1996, her first election, and she did help me.. I adopted a camp ground in Los Padres National Forest, had 137 kind folks come to help me plant over 3000 willows and reclaim an aquafir roaming cattle had destroyed.. during the camp.. LAO had come surrounded the camp, even had a black heliocopter.. from 7PM to 2 AM they searched us for drugs.. then they set up check points and issued tickets for no seat belts, people in the back of pickups.. it was harrassment.. I wrote to Boxer and she remembered me (we had had lunch.. I was not a Democrat, but I had done quite a bit of environmental work and was pretty well known for my efforts magazine, newspapers, even a book with a chapter NRDC).. anyways.. Boxer not only issued me an apology, the supevisor was fired and I got an apology from him.. and I got my camp site.. and all fines were dropped.

Being Indy.. I only voted Indy or Libertarian.. those days are DONE. I'm GOP.. I'm going to continue to work to change this party and get REPUBLICAN Ron Paul's message materialized. Gawd KNOWS CA needs it more than most states.

You wanna bash me.. you go for it, but I will not back down.. I can be nice, and I prefer to be nice. I don't like hurting people, but then I'm not your punching bag.. you don't respect me, fine.. but don't stalk me and attack me because youre bored.