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Comment: No, we can't

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No, we can't

I'm not here to sing Kumbaya with you. I like you permaculture.. enjoy your posts.. but this is a political war and I'm not going to try to fool you or say that I am going to work with you. I'm not.

Now I know that some will.. I have two guys on my committee, former Libertarians.. they will..

You want to come to GOP conventions and stand in the streets waving signs with progressives.. what good are you going to do me? Give my enemies in the GOP talking points?

"Oh that's only Granger who is speaking for the guys holding signs".

I don't need that. Those of us on the inside don't need that.. it hurt Ron Paul.. that kind of stuff works for Obama.. not GOP.

Just recently.. this arrest of Kokesh.. what gets me about it, is I bet Rand Paul had NO clue what had happened before the papparatzi was calling HIM up and asking HIM.. well what do you think about Kokesh's arrest?

Rand's response to the medical marijuana was way way out of line for him.. and then I read these blogs and news from TEA PARTY.. they are all over the page Rand and Kokesh.. it was an inside job to HURT RAND.. and NSA didn't have anything to do with it.

The GOP KNOWS Rand has won people's hearts and minds.. Did you see that article about Perry going to Israel? He sounds like Ron Paul. The GOP are now pushing Ted Cruz (the hispanic hopeful).. what's cruz's positions on drugs? NOTHING.

I'm not knocking your CHOICE to be marginalized, but I'm not going to be marginalized because YOU CHOOSE to not join us in the GOP.

I was a lifeguard for decades.. as a lifeguard I learned that most drownings are double, because the person who attemted to save the drowning person winds up being drowned by the person they are trying to save. The LP is not going to save the GOP, it's going to drown it as it did to Ron Paul with GJ.