Comment: All of the usual lies again

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All of the usual lies again

Israel will attack Iran when the people of Iran realize that for the past thirty something years, all of those oppressing them in the name of Islam have been of Jewish descent and could have immigrated to Israel under the law of return. Inside Iran all the people from the Jewish community are rich and all of the Persian Gentiles are poor. North of Tehran is filled with Jewish shop owners such as Saatchi, Mozzaffarian or Javaherian. Iranian government has effectively turned Iran into a communist Godless country, and all of those people shown on TV chanting death to Israel are actually Jewish.

What Israelis are afraid of, is the House of Mohammad. Just like the way House of David has a special role in the Bible, in the Quran house of Mohammad has a special role to play in end times and most of the House of Mohammad are living in Iran and Iraq.

If there comes a day when Jewish shop owners all pack and leave, I would be worried about a possible attack by Israel, until then the same lies will continue.