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I hear all the time about all the murderers and thieves...

How many murderers have you known? Out of all the people that you've ever met, what percentage were thieves?

Where in the world do people walk around in fear every day that they may be shot at any minute? Answer: places were governments are waging war.

Do you think people that live in tribal villages in the jungles of the world are constantly worried about being killed by someone native to the village? I highly doubt it.

Are you really that worried about murderers and thieves? Do you wear a bullet proof vest every day? Do you have a Fort Knox style security system at your house? Would you have one installed if you could afford it, or would you buy a new car or the like?

From my experience, it's mostly kids that steal, and most thieves aren't looking for a violent confrontation. They tend to wait until the property is most easily stolen - like from a car in a parking lot or a house with everyone gone. It is my suspicion that mugger-like thieves are mostly trying to get money for drugs - which is an offshoot of the drug war driving up prices.

Personally, I would be more worried about getting murdered by the government than I would from some random act of violence - whether it be from a "terrorist" or a stranger.

I think a novel solution would be for people to buy theft insurance on their property. Then, when a robbery occurred, the insurance company could perform an investigation. In cases where they identified the perpetrator, they could inform the local public about the thief - advertise his/her deed to the entire community, to neighbors, stores, etc (kind of like how many places deal with hot check writers - aka thieves).