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Here are my thoughts.

Here are my thoughts.

It better turn out to be somewhat or largely exaggerated, but, God forbid, in the case it's not, dear Americans, please DO NOT fall in the trap "they" will set up:

that which, WILL NO DOUBTS BE to continue, to intensify, their putting the blame and defaming Edward Snowden and others for "putting at risk" U.S. interests / national security.

Because here's the truth I believe in:

by disclosing such information, with or without Edward Snowden still around, really, that would be THE GREATEST SERVICE that he, and the few other men and women defending him on ground TODAY, HAVE EVER RENDERED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and to the restoring of the foundations of their country.

That's what my parents taught me :

One can only hope to get what THEY HAVE REALLY PAID FOR.

One WILL ALWAYS lose what THEY HAVE NEGLECTED for too long.


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