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Silver is going to be going up past $50, but first the illusion of a strong FRN is going to cause silver to be stagnant. The reason for this is that central banks around the world need to get rid of their stock of U.S. Treasuries. Take Brazil for example, they have billions in reserves that need to be dumped onto the market. However if the dollar collapses too fast, they will be left holding paper, world bankers cannot allow this to happen since they are all interconnected. So the media world wide is trying to convince people that the dollar (FRN) is going to make a come back. But what has changed and what will change, nothing. The Fed continues to print, and gains made by the FRN are merely on the speculation that the Fed will stop printing, but this is not going to happen. The FRN must collapse in order for a new world fiat currency to take it's place. SDR's is my guess. Silver will of course will serve sadly as a black market currency.