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I know...

Of course the FIRST STEP is to pass a law in Congress to repeal all current Federal laws concerning the cannabis plant. That will still be a law imposed by the authority of the federal government. So, so much for your knock on the Constitution.

And when I talk about repealing the current Federal laws, by passing another Federal law obviously, that is a separate, more likely solution to eventually getting cannabis "legalized/de-criminalized/de-regulated/you-get-the-picture", than a Constitutional amendment, obviously.

The reason I bring up a Constitutional amendment is... Who's to stop the same Federal government from changing their minds, and re-enacting cannabis prohibition? An Amendment would make that very hard.

Also, Your point about a Constitutional amendment to de-regulate cannabis being somehow a grant of power to the Federal government makes no sense. The simple act of passing a new congressional Act to de-regulate cannabis is as much a legitimization of their power over it, as a Constitutional amendment could ever be interpreted to be.

In fact, as I explained, a Constitutional amendment is indeed a RESTRICTION on the authority and power of government over the individual, and the Amendment, under my proposal, would be written in such a way. As I have said.

Now, if you still want to argue the merits of the adoption of the Constitution, that is anther thread altogether. If you are trying to bring the idealism of that non-reality into the picture, perhaps it is you who is being utopian?

The Constitution is real. It was ratified. I'm not being utopian, in theory. Maybe in practice.

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