Comment: Not the first patriot in trouble

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Not the first patriot in trouble

said the Smudge Pot. With some recent experience in matters of being imprisoned.

But a longer and more sorrowful trend is the "turning of backs" and I've seen that happen a couple too many times. Witness John Chester Stuart of, a true scholar who has repeatedly hit homers for this movement? He's still in trouble yet he continues to defend people for like no money, he's basically destitute and he's just one example.

I myself, you guys? Different experience. I was told and now I can see you guys rallied around me and sent love and help which I now am so grateful to have. Stuff like this, arrest, incarceration are pretty bad but there's the massive tidal effect that ripples out, you are late with rent, you lost your job, I am suddenly homeless, I only managed to get this backup laptop today, the software contract I had going is now in default and who knows what my other customers are thinking.

I met guys in jail that really don't have anything or anybody when they get out. I got their names and addresses.

Anyways, by way of thanks, I know Adam has been the subject of much discussion, my position on his armed march is clear, but he's...a human being and if you don't accept him as "one of us" well then I guess you have particular standards which is fine. I guess we all have a right to decide what us is for you. Or ourselves. Whatever.

I guess part of what makes Stuart us is he's not turning his back. And that's what makes you guys my us. You didn't turn your back on me. And I won't turn mine on yours. Never will and by the grace of God, never will.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.